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Contact person£ºMr. Carson Jin
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Add:Nanzhai Village,Pengpo Town, Yichuan County,Luoyang City,Henan, China
 Job Title£º  Merchandiser Manager       
 Location£º  Luoyang,China
 Wages£º  £¤8000-10000/M  Release Date£º 2011-11-10
 Vacancy£º  2  Valid£º  100
 Requirements£º General description:
As Sales Merchandiser you are the key external interface between Fengmei¡¯s Head Office and our customers, prospects and business partners. Your daily activities are focused on selling Fengmei¡¯s products and developing business relationships in such a way that your personal Revenue and Gross Margin targets will be met. In your activities you will ensure that Fengmei is seen as reliable & professional business partner.

*Visit customers, prospects and influencing companies,
*Build sustainable business relationships
*Produce an accurate business forecast on time
*Write an annual Account Plan
*Write an annual plan for each designed area according to the agreed sales strategy
*Follow up on Sales & Marketing initiatives
*Report via the CRM system customer/prospect and market information
*Give input to stimulate product development
*Send in your Month Report on time
*Send in your Business Expenses on time

*Be a professional business partner for the customers, prospects, influencers and relationships
*Manage & Develop your assigned Accounts to increase ;revenue ,profitability and loyalty
*Develop Fengmei Prospects to become loyal and profitable Customers
*Execute the Fengmei Sales Strategy, regarding new business and existing business development within your and geographical area
*Execute the agreed Account Plans and adjust when applicable
*Achieve your budget and objectives assigned by the FM Sales Director
*Identify and communicate competitor & market developments and strategic opportunities
*Work and communicate according the agreed processes, guidelines and systems internally and externally
*Follow FM guidelines on quotations and contracts
*Follow FM guidelines on expenses
*Follow up Sales contracts with communicate outcome with customers
*Have a close business working relationship with colleagues to enable you to supply the best solutions to the market on time

*Negotiate contracts and apply discounts according guidelines set by the Sales Director
*Have access to relevant business information or data
*Escalate to or involve Sales Director in circumstances with high business; risks, potential, value as reference
*Plan and organize all activities(travel ,visits, meetings)required to achieve your personal objectives

In this recruitment we cooperate with our HR-partner. Please apply as soon as possible by sending your CV and Cover Letter with the email-header to:

If you have any questions please contact responsible search consultant us.
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